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Site n-Alysis

Site n-Alysis™ allows you to identify and qualify potential study sites based on surrounding patient population as well as therapeutic specialty, investigator experience, trial volume and more.

What Is Site n-Alysis™?

Site n-Alysis is a proprietary process that models patient prevalence to find sites and potential site locations in more than 60 countries that have access to the patients you need for your clinical trial.

Sites with access to more subjects can be more successful enrollers.

Once prospective sites have been identified based on their access to patients, the Site n-Alysis process then creates site profiles to compare factors such as investigator experience, trial volume, ability to accept new trials, IRB status, and much more.

The Site n-Alysis process delivers market and national maps of sites including prevalence and geographic features such as highways, public transportation, rivers, etc., and may include investigator interview summaries.

How Does Site n-Alysis Work?

  1. Using its proprietary epidemiological process, CTMC creates a national prevalence model for your protocol for each country under consideration.
  2. CTMC models the patient populations at local levels. Our analysis can be done at the city, county, Zip code or census tract level (or equivalent per country).
  3. If there is no existing site list to evaluate, CTMC identifies potential sites in the areas with high patient populations, and screens them according to the requirements of the protocol.
  4. To allow our clients to compare sites, CTMC scores sites based on criteria that are most relevant to the study and most predictive of their success.
  5. CTMC can deliver a variety of reports, maps, tables and site interview summaries to allow clients to make informed site selections.

Sample Maps


Mapping is an important part of the analysis because it can also uncover barriers such as water features that would not be evident in a spreadsheet. How many elderly persons with peripheral vascular disease would be willing cross Oakland Bay to participate in a trial in San Francisco or Marin County? Site access lanes such as highways and public transportation may also be highlighted.

Patient density by US county

This map illustrates the effects of factoring for prevalence density. Because many diseases tend to conform to the general population, evaluating the prevalence on a per capita basis can often help identify markets that are likely to be more efficient for both site selection as well as advertising support.

Cardiology Research Sites

Study sponsors are able to prequalify sites based on the unique requirements of the study protocol. Sites are then scored with regard to how well they appear to conform to the study requirements, including adjacent patient population (adjusted for inclusion / exclusion criteria), investigator profiles, comparable trial volume, IRB status, and more.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Prevalence

Site n-Alysis is supported by thousands of population datasets as well as in-country experts worldwide. Brazil is just one of over 60 countries for which we are able to provide in-depth analysis.

San Francisco - Oakland area map

This map illustrates the results of comparing three current and/or proposed clinical trial research sites in the San Francisco-Oakland area. The analysis is extended to consider the effects of overlapping catchment areas, i.e. the degree to which multiple sites are competing for the same patients.

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